In the Red Center: Kings Canyon

The stop at Kings Canyon was one of the most beautiful of our road trip in the heart of Australia. It is located within the Watarrka National Park, not far from Uluru (so if you plan a trip to Australia that includes Uluru, then consider adding one more day for Kings Canyon).

Kings Canyon is a huge rift in the sandstone that has formed over 440 million years of erosion. The walls are steep, very high, red and brown, and reach 150 m in height. The beautiful walk called Rim Walk, after an initial rather challenging climb, goes gently along the ridge of the canyon for 6 km, with unforgettable views. A short deviation goes inside the canyon to the Eden Garden, where there is a natural pool where the climate is wet and the vegetation luxurious.

It is difficult to describe the unbelievable see beyond the edge of the canyon, a look that embraces the whole horizon. The rocks are impervious and smmoth, here and there there are trunks petrified by the tireless work of the elements. Even on the ridge some trees and shrubs are bothered by the wind and vertigo, and down at the feet and inside the canyon a dense and incredibly wet green carpet flows. Walking on those rocks and looking down you feel small and unarmed in front of the force of nature. At each corner, the landscape seems to change: at first sharp rocks, then rounded arches and domes, finally stratified rock steps and covered with a fine sand.

We spend the whole day to exploring the Kings Canyon, we also add flight with the drone that gives us an even more incredible bird look. In the evening we return to our campsite, we sit at the picnic table next to Bertie and enjoy an aperitif in the company of the relentless punk pigeon. Little by little, more and more people pass by saying something we do not understand at first. They all go in one direction. It takes a bit to understand, among others, the word “lookout”. So we follow the crowd of campers who climb a small sandy dune at the edge of the campsite. From up there you can enjoy a poetic view of the sunset over Kings Canyon.

It is August the 15th (an holy feast in Italy) and in the evening we decide to join a traditional Australian barbecue. Within our campsite, in addition to a very nice pub called “Thristy Dingo Pub” (where, the night before, we had a gin and tonic – as usual – with live music in the background), there is a huge ” Outback BBG & Grill “. Here, many resort tourists join in the evening for a beer and good grilled meat. We did the same (obviously).

The next day, we left with so many kilometers to do, always with destination north.

Here the video of the fourth episode along the Explorers Way – Enjoy!


::::Useful information::::

To sleep
Kings Canyon: Kings Canyon Resort offers, in addition to accommodation in rooms of various categories, an excellent campsite equipped with all amenities, including a small grocery store and a fuel station.

To eat and drink
Kings Canyon: always inside the Kings Canyon Resort complex, you can have dinner in the hotel restaurant or in the outback. We had dinner at the Outback BBQ & Grill where, long waiting times and overcrowding aside, the grilled meat is tasty and accompanied by baked potatoes and salad bar. Do not miss the drinks at the Thirsty Dingo Bar, which offers pub meals, fair quality beer and above all nice gadgets (T-shirt on the head).

To drive
Km traveled: about 300

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