Handbook: how to prepare your luggage

It has happened in recent times that more than one visitor of our blog asked us questions about how we organize our luggage, our equipment and the like. Every traveler knows this: baggage is an indispensable ally and together with a cross. The wrong baggage can inflict penitences at each stage. This is why every traveler has learned his own method to prepare the baggage suitable for his own way of traveling. We are close to the departure for Australia (follow us on social networks: we will travel the notorious Explorer Way in the camper! Look at our travel itinerary here) and we decided to inaugurate a new section “How To” for all practical advice. So here we are to tell you how we at Travel Gudu have honed the technique of preparing luggage over the years.

Password: Travel light, travel comfortably and travel organized.

Rule n. 1: Soft baggage
Beautiful, beautiful and fashion the hard suitcases, some deliciously vintage, but incredibly easy to split and refractory to be stacked on off-road or other means of luck, especially if along bad roads or rough roads. We prefer soft totes: the adventure version (es safari in Africa, narrow spaces in which to pack suitcases, etc.) provides Napapijri soft bags with long shoulder strap and handles, while for the smart version (long walks in the city on foot or underground) we start with two soft North Face trolleys, with wide and resistant wheels.

Rule n. 2: Three days of independence
From Namibia to Japan, from Costa Rica to Bhutan, we have always had the opportunity to wash our clothes one way or another. Hotels often provide this service and where there is no coin-operated laundrette; at worst, a bar of soap and a bathroom sink are a valid alternative. We travel with the necessary for about three days in each suitcase and wash the clothes whenever we can. Jerseys and jackets get dirty less so they must be worn in smaller numbers, while some extra t-shirts can always help you during a trekking or a warm walk. Needless to cram half a wardrobe in a suitcase “because you never know” and bring back home lace skirts never worn.

Rule n. 3: Communion of clothing
Never put all the clothes of a person in a single suitcase. Luggage is often lost and you do not always have time to wait for them to arrive. We found ourselves in 2104 having to turn around Bhutan with a suitcase alone, but we managed it because we had put in each suitcase of both. If you follow the rule n. 2, you can keep a three-day set for each person in each suitcase: the likelihood of staying with just what you wore at the airport will drop significantly.

Rule n. 4: Organization of the suitcase
It would seem trivial, but often this is not the case. The clothes we plan to use the least go to the bottom of the suitcase, while the most used things must be close at hand. Several times we found ourselves in the middle of an airport or a track in nothingness having to make a change on the fly and we were always grateful that what we needed was easily accessible. Moreover, especially on very itinerant journeys (those that we like) or in some particular places (for example in Namibia where insects enter in the open bags), it is not convenient to unpack the suitcase and therefore the organization helps serenity. Remember to take advantage of all the spaces in your suitcase, including those small voids that often remain on your hips, ideal for socks and the like.

Rule n. 5: Hand baggage
We always carry with us (and we never separate) a backpack as hand baggage in which we place: travel documents, electronic devices, medicines, glasses / contact lenses and an emergency change. In particular, the change of emergency is useful because it may happen that you find yourself stuck in a place without suitcases for one or two days. For example, we were stuck in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve due to a snowstorm; the airline hosted us at his expense in a luxury hotel, but our suitcases remained at the airport.

Rule n. 6: Make it united
Add to your hold baggage a signal of recognition: a baggage tag a bit eccentric, even just a colored cord. When your suitcase emerges from the mouth of the luggage roll, you will recognize it immediately and pull the well-known breath of relief for not having lost your suitcases.

Rule n. 7: Have I already said light?
There is talk of traveling, not of cruises or tourist villages … to the announcement of hair-drying, curling-hair, whole suitcases of shoes, sets of tricks, sets of ties and suits.

Rule n. 8: Leave a little space
Because, as you know, you often fall in love with an object that at all costs we want to bring home. Not to mention the various souvenirs that we will inevitably find for parents, siblings, friends, pets. So, since no doubt you have already experienced in the past of your purchasing compulsiveness (often abroad much more unregulated than at home), think about it and do not cram that bag until the explosion. To close it with the strength of four arms, trying desperately to create a vacuum atmosphere to get us all, you will think about the return.

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