Explorers Way by Gudu: preview of our on the road trip

Just returned from our trip to Australia, we will briefly tell you our hot impressions.

A journey entirely on the road, on a van adapted to camper, covering about 5000 km along the famous Stuart Highway (or Explorers Way as it is often called) that cuts in half the immense island of Australia. Starting from a cold and winter climate, we milled kilometers to the North; accompanied by the mitigation of the climate and the changing landscape, we moved into the Red Center and finally we reached the tropical area to the North to end our trip to Darwin. A road race, three weeks of outback and asphalt, an epic journey (just think that it was the first trip of the founders of the famous Lonely Planet, the journey from which everything was born).

What was left of Australia, 72 hours after saying goodbye from the airplane porthole?
First of all the colors: the red of the earth, the silver-yellow of the ubiquitous spinifex, the endless blue of the cloudless sky. The clear trunk of the eucalyptus trees. The wind of the desert and the sea, so different. The infinite look on the horizon and the interminable road. The meetings in the roadhouses with improbable characters that only the outback could regurgitate. Roadtains with three and four trailers launched at one hundred and thirty per hour on a strip of asphalt that seems straight without being perfectly. The corpses at the edge of the streets. The flies, the most annoying ever encountered. The drunken aborigines playing slot machines. The most anonymous beer ever. The endless fields, the vines that extend as far as the eye can see. The sheep in the semi-wild state. The smell of barbecues in the camps at night. The clumsy swinging of an echidna. Dozens of rainbows.

In the coming weeks, every 2 weeks on Wednesday night, we will tell you a new chapter of our journey. Our Explorers Way. Stay tuned: appointment on September the 12nd for the firt episode!

A taste of our video story from the youtube channel:


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